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Each bracelet is made with all natural and organic materials: glass, wood, bone, seeds, nuts, shells, horn, semi-precious gemstones, clay, etc. Some beads have carvings, designs, and ornamentation applied by individual artists from around the world: for example, some of the painted bone and glass beads from Africa, the ceramic kiln-fired beads with patina finishes, as well as the handmade dichroic glass beads that glow when light touches them.


I may use beads from strands of African trade beads, 108-bead Buddhist malas, and rare strings bought by merchants who distribute them to bead artists like me. I sometimes go to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. I may find beads in small shops in obscure and hidden drawers in old cabinets; from bead companies specializing in ethnic & natural products; at flea markets; bead shows, or on etsy and other websites.


The differences in prices with my bracelets have to do with the different costs of the beads  themselves, depending on: rarity; availability; and the fact that some beads, for instance, the dichroic ones, just cost more per bead. Even with this, and the time to create the designs, I still try to make them affordable.


As with the malas, my bracelets are 100% handmade, so colors and details may vary slightly, but the overall look will match the photo. And they too, will be delivered in a silk bag for gift giving.


I am happy to restring a bracelet to perfectly fit your wrist if one here is too large or too small. And if you want groupings of a specific color, I can custom make designs personally for you, as I did for a client in the image below, who requested white-themed bracelets, grouped nine for each arm.


There are other examples of bracelet groupings in the photographs on this page. I can make three of a color, or five, or any number you want in your grouping. I will be adding new designs on this site, as I make them, and removing designs as others sell. So please check back. It is possible I will not be able to replicate a design once it sells. Beads come and go in availability. 

If you have questions, please email me with the form at the bottom of the page.