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Calligraphy & Collages

In this world of computers and typeset documents, alongside the desire for speed and convenience, personal handwriting and handmade graphics are a wonderful contrast for drawing in the viewer’s attention. There are now scientific studies that prove the brain processes typed words and hand-written words differently. Handwriting is best for learning and remembering. And, in my experience, creative calligraphy is appreciated and actually causes a feeling of happiness in the receiver.


I have practiced hand-lettering since I was a child. In grammar school, when everyone else was making doodles, I was mastering my creative penmanship, and establishing my own style. It is not precise, like classical calligraphy. Instead, it is fun, and colorful, and unique. 

The recipient is reminded that writing is a craft.

  • Parties

  • Holiday

  • Valentine's Day

  • Wedding Invitations

  • Announcements

  • Thank You's

My creations can take the form of envelope addressing for:

I have also used my hand lettering as the graphic design in published books, and custom special projects initiated by clients.


Each element chosen to include in the collage, is symbolic to the recipient. I use calligraphy pens to write, photography, graphic imagery, beautiful papers, and rubber stamps.

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