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Greeting Cards

I have always loved greeting cards. When I was a kid in Alabama, there was a greeting card kiosk in the middle of the Eastwood Mall, right outside Penney’s. If my mother was going to take a while shopping, I always asked to go look at the cards. I like that there is an image on front, and a message inside. I found that magical in terms of the expectant discovery of opening it. Being tactile, I also loved touching the paper.


With e-cards today, people do not take the time to search for the perfect card with the perfect sentiment, to be held by their receiver. It is a click here and there, a message typed, no handwriting to feel the intimacy of another’s personal focus on the card. I send cards a lot, and as a calligrapher with my multi-colored calligraphy pens, I try to send something beautiful in the mail, that will lift someone’s day. When they open the mailbox, there are bills, junk mail, advertisements, more bills, and perhaps a colorful envelope standing out amongst the other white envelopes.


I was fortunate early on to have several companies choose my photographic images to create cards through their company. Marcel Schulman Cards made many products from my cat imagery some years back. This is the photo of them all. The main cat in the picture, Miracle Maxine, had just been told by me several weeks before I was sent a contract, that she needed to start bringing in the bacon too! She definitely did her part.

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