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A mala is a string of beads used for keeping count while meditating, chanting, reciting mantras, praying, breathing in and out, or setting intentions This action helps keep the mind focused and clear from thoughts, to allow the body to balance it’s essential energy. Malas are typically made with 108 beads, or a division of that number (18,27,54). Malas act as a tactile guide as you sit in silence, and are worn for their spiritual and healing qualities. By wearing a mala on the wrist or around the neck, it can serve as a daily reminder of your     

devotion, spiritual intentions, or the Higher Power in your life. 

Each mala is artistically created by hand, and some are one-of-a-kind. The larger accent bead may vary, because the ones I use are

often hard to replicate, as they are so unique. I only use natural bead material: bone, seed, glass, clay,  wood, etc. Since this is a 100% handmade item, colors and details may vary slightly, but the overall look will match what is shown in the photo. None of my malas are created with a tassel. The malas are different lengths, but usually wrap around the wrist 3-4 times loosely depending on your wrist size. They are made to order. If a more exacting fit is needed, you might measure your wrist and we can communicate lengths which may be more suited to your size. The mala can be worn alone or with other stackable bracelets. The malas you see on this page can be commissioned or are ready-to-wear. Other colors and bead sizes can also be obtained if you have a favorite one. These would take

longer to create, but I am happy to work with you. Each mala is delivered to you in a beautiful silk bag. The malas are ready to ship in

3-6 business days. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to email me in the form at the bottom of the page.

Beadwork jewelry is delicate, so when getting dressed, it should be the last piece on, and the first to take off. Also, avoid immersion in water and leaving out in high temperatures.

Thanks! Message sent.

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