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Intuitive Structural Bodywork

Painting by Colleen Kelley

I never planned to be an intuitive structural bodyworker. Gifts of service are suggested and encouraged right alongside one's "other plans," until you understand that this must be part of the way Life expresses through you. So I looked diligently for gifted teachers and guides that could encourage me to believe in my hands and what I intuitively KNOW. And I’ve had some great ones.  


Then I combined what I knew, what my teachers offered, and what my clients illuminated in me, and created unique techniques of working within the energetic and skeletal body. I learned to BALANCE the body back to a neutral it could “remember”—where physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects all combine to create well-being. I learned to trust the body’s innate wisdom implicitly; I am constantly in awe of what it unveils for me to see.

My work is very structural; clients call it "Rolfing without the pain.” It has elements of Essential Structural Integration, Manual Therapy, Polarity, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, EnergyFlow balancing, intuitive knowing, Life Impressions Bodywork, Bioenergetic modalities, repatterning, alignment, Japanese foot massage, and reflexology. Often, skeletal joints are naturally manipulated into place due to the softening of muscle, tissue, tendon, and ligaments. Those adjustments “stick” as the body has been prepared for them. I am also skilled in applying KinesioTape for support and healing of specific areas.

After almost 30 years in this practice, my work is very intuitive, sometimes even psychic. Bodies often speak to me about what they want and need, beyond what the client might be aware of, such as knowing that a chronically painful left shoulder may have to do with falling off a horse years ago, though in taking a history the client never mentioned the horse. Where someone is feeling pain may not be the source of the pain, and I can track that source in order to unwind the accident and release it.

I am also a grief counselor, so I am fully present when the body reveals long-held trauma and loss, and our dialogue together can lead to emotional healing. I also offer complementary information on homeopathic remedies, Bach Flower remedies, and other naturopathic modalities.

I have been fortunate to have a devoted clientele, and I am equally devoted to their health and vitality. Many have become my dearest friends. My work is about sustaining their fundamental being, not just providing a feel-good massage for two hours. I am engaged in a dance with the client, so we both must have their healing process in the forefront. With each session, we build on their foundational energy. If someone comes just once, s/he will know immediately if this work is for them. If I am not a good fit, I am happy to refer a client to another practitioner.


Audrey Hepburn, my Italian greyhound/chihuahua mix, often takes part in the session, or stays in the room to contain and hold the energy. Audrey provides comfort, general cuteness, and the healing energy of a four-legged perspective to the treatment. Additionally,

I also work on other companion animals. I can't wait to get my hands on you.


Call 505-988-9147 or email to book an appointment.


Jill Fineberg has been my bodyworker for twenty years. In that time, she has seen me through five published books, a broken

arm and shoulder, and countless other follies that she needed to unblock, smooth out, or otherwise fix. I won't say being a writer

is as hard on your body as being a coal miner, but it's very hard, and I rely on Jill to compensate for the way I hunch over my

keyboard, read too much in the wrong position, or behave like a lunatic on the dance floor. Highly recommended.  

 — P. McCorduck


You offer such a beautiful, spiritual experience. So many memories get triggered with your work, and I feel so safe experiencing

them in your presence. Your hands are so strong, and they intuitively KNOW just where they need to be.

 — F. R. Gundry


Jill Fineberg is in a class of her own. Over the last 20 years I have sought out the best in bodywork, and Jill is at the very top. 

My only complaint is that I have to make a long journey to Santa Fe to take advantage of her extraordinary skills. I have sent

many of my friends to Jill, and we often comment how hard it is to describe what she does. She brings you into a very

particular and blissful zone, and the rest is a mystery. But going there with her is an experience every living being should have.

And if you are particularly lucky, you can go there with her again and again     

— D.Barlow

“I have gone to 100s of people for this work, and I have only met three 

that know how the body works . . . and understand what they are doing. 

You are one of them.

— E. Powell


Jill is more than a bodyworker; she works magic. Maybe it’s because she’s an artist or maybe she’s an artist because

of her deep capacity for knowing. I felt the effects of Jill’s treatment months after I left Santa Fe.”

— C. Baron-Reid


You really have such a gift. I am so glad you are in my life. I feel so much better today.

I appreciate that you know what to do to get me out of pain or discomfort. 

I can tell I am getting better. Thank you SO much.

— J. Klein


Your bodywork is the kind that would keep me off operating tables; and it is much less painful than

recovery from surgery. Thank you. It was truly enjoyable and life-changing.

  — P. Sangster


With hands, mind, heart, and soul Jill channels a pure healing energy.

Spirit guides her as she employs a blending of techniques to remove blocks,

and realign bones, muscles, emotion and intention.

She is healer and midwife, birthing those in her practice into bigger experiences of Self.

If you are lucky enough to have stumbled upon Jill Fineberg, don't hesitate.

There is not one person who – after having experienced the extraordinary bodywork Jill channels –

regretted their decision. Call and make an appointment NOW!

— E. Perrachione


You have such a gift. You never do the same thing twice.

I never feel like I am in a factory as with some practitioners. 

The work is specific and personal. Your hands are brilliant.

 — T.Brady


I feel great. Almost brand new. Schedule me for another.

- R. Herrera 

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