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Boxed Set of 5 Color Our Lady of Guadalupe Greeting Cards
Our Lady of Guadalupe (aka The Blessed Virgin Mary) is a beloved and powerful symbol of Mexican identity and personal faith. Her image is associated with everything from motherhood to feminism to social justice. She is perceived as an intercessor and icon whose importance transcends religion. Many create altars and paintings to exemplify their love for Mary. She is depicted with brown skin, an angel and moon at her feet and rays of sunlight that encircle her.
In 1531, the Virgin Mary purportedly appeared to an indigenous Mexican named Juan Diego four times over the course of three days. He had zero ecclesiastical status but a firm interest in learning about God. Our Lady of Guadalupe is said to appear in visions for the faithful, on everything from clothing, to cloud formations, to the top of toasted bread.
So the next time you see an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on a rearview mirror or tattooed on someone’s back, remember the fact that it serves as a celebration of the hope that, no matter one’s situation or background, God loves you and is seeking you out.


Five blank, color, original photographic notecards, and 

five white envelopes, packaged in a clear, sturdy, sealed box.


Photographs by: Jill Fineberg

Boxed Set of 5 Color Our Lady of Guadalupe Greeting Cards

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